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Private Collection
Pen & Ink on Modern Ledger Paper

This piece was created from Modern ledger paper gifted to me from my late Mother Olivia. The lettering is a Wild Style rendering of the word "Revision". I chose this word as a play on the idea of revisionist history, the exhibition this created for was titled "Re-riding History" which influenced my choice for the subject matter and the word play. My statement for the piece reads: "Ledger Art is encoded with complex symbols, colors and meanings, not all of which are obvious to the viewer and the same holds true with Graffiti Art. Ledger Art exists outside of what is typically considered "Fine Art", graffiti does as well. Graffiti is a text derived art that has a strong oral tradition; what the camera does not capture is often faded by the sun or painted over by city/government workers and all that is left is the story. "Revision" is about connecting with the creativity of the original Ledger Artists and at the same time reflects the contemporary existence of Native people today."
This piece was gifted to a cool human being in 2021.